Thursday, January 7, 2010

Logan lost his first tooth!!!

Last night on my way to Greenville, I got a phone call from Logan that he had finally lost his first tooth!!! He sounded a little scared and a little excited all at the same time! I was a little sad because he was at his Daddy's and I missed him pulling his very first tooth! :( Sometimes you have to miss those "first's" when you are divorced, but it sure isn't always easy!

The tooth fairy came to see Logan at his Daddy's and his Mommy's!! Wasn't he lucky?! Can you believe he asked me did I put the money under his pillow or did the tooth fairy really come??

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yay for 2010!!!

I have had a great start to 2010!! First of all, I am only working one job now. I enjoyed working at the store part time, but we are getting busy in our office and I need to be able to work overtime. Plus, I was getting a little burned out, trying to juggle two jobs and a household! It was getting to be a bit much!

Friday...Girls Day Out!!! All the Severn MFI Girls took full advantage of our day off of work. We all met at Rhonda's, and headed to Rocky Mount. We went to see the movie Blind Side (mine and Cathy's 2nd time, and yes it was worth it), stopped by the mall, ate at Olive Garden, stopped at Old Navy and then a quick stop at Wal-Mart! We had the best time! We always have a good time together, and I'm lucky to be able to work with these girls! I sure love 'em!

Saturday...Busy Day!!! Cathy sent me a text and wanted to see if I wanted to ride to Roanoke Rapids. Well, I cut my cell phone off at night, so I didn't get the message until a couple hours later. The hubby was going to work in the shop on his airplanes all day, and the kids were gone, so I jumped in my truck and headed to RR to meet her! We went to Hallmark, Belk's, Wal-Mart and ate lunch at Lonestar! I spent $35 in Belk's and saved $120!! Now, that's my kind of shopping! I had 3 shirts and a necklace!!! When I got home Saturday, CJ and I were supposed to go to Catherine's to eat supper, but I was pretty tired of riding, and we had an invitation to eat chilli and watch movies at his sister's. That sounded good to me, so we headed over there! I finally saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! It was a pretty long movie, but still was pretty good. We then watched Friday 13th, and got home really late!

Sunday...Another Busy Day!!! I got up Sunday morning, and thought I better get some cleaning done since I have been gone ALL weekend! I spent 3 hours in my kids room cleaning and organizing!! I still need to do a little more organizing in their closet, but their room is looking pretty cute!!! We really need to add on to our house..but I can't get my husband to see that!!! So, for now, we make do! After I finished cleaning, I took a shower and we headed to Greenville with CJ's sister and brother-in-law! We went to see a movie, but the one we wanted to see wasn't playing! :( We went to the mall, ate at Olive Garden and of course had to go Wal-Mart and then headed home!

This was my first weekend that my kids were at their Dad's that I didn't have to work. I think I took full advantage. It was nice spending time with my friends and my husband. I have sure missed my babies and will enjoy spending time with them this weekend! I wonder how long they will keep that room clean! ;) Happy 2010 Everyone!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009!

Well..I decided to look through all of my pictures, and see if I could do a 2009 Year Review. We were all sitting around the table at work yesterday, talking about how glad we would be to see this year over....that this had just been a hard year, and wanted to just have it past us. I figured if we looked through our pictures, we would find we also find that we had a very good year, and a lot of things to be thankful for. I am terrible about not taking enough pictures..but here are a few from "some" of the good times in 2009! Alyssa's Field Trip

One of my very best friends, Shari started working with us!

CJ turned 40!

Aaron turned 16! Every picture I had of him, he was turning away! Teenagers!

Logan's First trip to the Zoo with his class.

Camryn's Ballet Recital

Aaron participating in the JROTC program..his Daddy was sooo proud!

Logan graduating from Kindergarten

Camryn receiving 2nd place for Accelerated Reader in her class.

Alyssa turned 10!

The kids attended Bible is Camryn and my niece, Caitlin.

Making homemade ice cream at work..for 4th of July Cookout!

Rhonda, Matt and Cathy...grilling the burgers for 4th of July.

Rhonda and I turned 33!!!

Jamie, Jesse and my brother Dave posing at a Family Cookout!

Me...trying to play ball with a Spongebob Bat..we had a lot of fun!

My Daddy with ALL of his brothers and sisters at the cookout!

Nathan turned 13 and we went to the beach..he's laying out on the porch with a kitty at Nanny's (CJ's Mom).

Took the kids to the park...such a HOT day!

Logan turned shirts required for this kid...we were lucky he wore his shorts! ;)

Camryn turned 8!

Our BIG family, took our first trip to Myrtle Beach..Nathan posing with the girls from the Dixie Stampede!!

Alyssa, Logan and Hunter at the Aquarium!

Camryn, Logan, Corey and Alyssa...trick or treating at the hotel..and had the BEST time!!!

Stole this picture from Rhonda...most of us after the meeting!

Cathy and I went to SC to do some training..this is the office on the lake!

This is the view from the relaxing!

Cathy and Debbie in the SC office..we had so much fun!

Logan received his GREEN belt in Karate (Tae Kwon Doe).

So proud!

Camryn, Me, Logan and Nathan on Christmas Eve!
I'm looking forward to 2010..and new resolutions...I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends, and taking more pictures along the way. Happy New Year to all my Blogger Buddies!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So sleepy!!!

This morning at 1:00 am, our house phone rang. In the few seconds it was ringing my thoughts were, is CJ on call and I forgot, is something wrong with one of the boys, what has happened?!?! CJ's stares at the phone while it rings, I guess trying to figure out who's number it is and I yell, "ANSWER IT"! Then I heard CJ say, " that you..don't do that scared us too death"! LOL Camryn was having a coughing spell, and instead of getting up to come get me, Alyssa just figured she would call me from her cell phone! Ugh!!!

So, then at 2:00 am, Alyssa comes in the room to let me know Camryn coughed so much that she threw the bed! Great!!! So, I had to get all of that straight and go back to bed.

At 6:30 am (luckily I was up), Logan starts screaming for me...he needs some drink! He said "I called you and called you last night and you didn't bring me any"!! I looked at that child and said, "Well, I was in here at 1 and 2, and you were fast asleep, you should've gotten up and asked me then"! LOL

This is one Sleepy Mommy today!!! They go to their Dad's tonight, so hopefully we won't have any excitement!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Blogging

I can't believe my last blog was titled,"My First Private Blog" and was dated October 14th! I think I have become so "addicted" to Facebook, that I have seriously fallen behind on my blogs. Instead of trying to catch up on everything from October, I'll just move forward!

I'm probably the only person to admit that I am glad Christmas is over! We have so many places to be, that sometimes it's just to hard to enjoy! As always at Christmas time, I took very few pictures. It's hard to take pictures and keep up with Logan at the same time!

Camryn, Me, Logan and Nathan waiting on CJ. We were getting ready to go to his sister's on Christmas Eve!

Aaron, Me and Nathan! The kids were having fun with the camera!

Logan and Camryn finding their presents under the tree. They wanted to be ready when everyone got finished eating.

My cute Logan!

CJ's Mama got Logan his very own Park Ranger Uniform...just like hers! He was so excited! He loves to dress up!

My nephew Cole, and my brother Dave at my Uncle Mike's house Christmas Day.

Playing Charades at my Uncle Mike's.

The kids had a wonderful Christmas...the girls got a WII, a new comforter set for their room, clothes, makeup and tons of toys...Logan got a new bike, Toy Story Comforter Set, and tons of toys, Aaron and Nathan both got big remote control air planes, clothes and money. Everyone was happy and my house is still a mess! Why do all these toys have so many pieces?? I have seriously got to rethink how I am going to organize their room. I want them to be able to enjoy all of their new toys!!! If you have any organizational suggestions...send them my way! Hope you and your families all had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Private Blog!!!!

I changed my blog to private...and then I blog about nothing!! I had so much to vent about when my blog was public..but now I have calmed down and I am going to be the bigger person! Literally! Ha!

I've been upset with a "soon to be" ex-sister-in-law and an ex-husband... for completely different reasons. Bottom line is..with the SIL, I am going to have to learn that my brother is a grown man and he has to handle things the way he needs to handle things. I get so frustrated because I don't want to see him make the same mistakes that I made. He is such a good Daddy and has such a good heart. I just don't want him to let her take advantage of him. I guess it's the big sister coming out of me!

With my ex-husband, we have completely different views on discipline. Maybe if we were still married, there would be some happy medium...but it's not! He wants to run things like a military, and I'll admit I'm a little more layed back. With my kids going back and forth so much, I really do like to spend my time enjoying them and not so much on discplining them on every little single thing! So...we had a pretty heated argument this weekend and I'm still mad as all get out. I'm sure I'll get over it...but right now, I just want to be mad.

Not much else has been going on! The kids have finally gotten well! I was sick Monday night with a stomach virus and woke up Tuesday like a new person! I hope everyone is staying well! Remember Lysol is your friend! LOL I sprayed it everywhere when my kids were sick, and I believe it helped me! Hopefully, my next blog will be a little more interesting! Hope everyone has a great night! I'm heading home to makeup homemade soup for supper!! Yummy!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Private Blog

I have decided to join everyone and make my blog private. Some things I want to discuss with my fellow bloggers, that I feel like I can't because I do not know who is reading my blog. My ex-husband even made the comment to me one time that I needed to watch what I put on my blog because you never know who is reading it, and admitted to reading my blog himself. In the past, I didn't worry about what I wrote but recently there have been things that I wanted to blog about, but didn't because I didn't know who may be reading it. So...send me your emails if you are interested in continuing to read my boring 'ol blog. However, if it's private, it may get a little bit more interesting! HA! Just kidding!